How to Avoid Online Betting Scams (Part 2)

In the last post we looked at some things that you can consider when evaluating how safe or legitimate an online sportsbook is.  Of course, as a reminder, I would like to say that these are only pointers and they do not guarantee, in any way, that you are safe from scammers.  Anyhow, let us look at some more tips on avoiding online betting scams.

Check out these management issues:  how long has the sportsbook been in business, how financially secure is it, and what kind of management does it have?  The first question is easily answered.  The second one would entail looking at listings such as the Stock Exchange.  The third one would entail more research.

One of the best measures for a sportsbook is customer service.  Check if they have service 24/7.  Try giving them a call.  Do their reps speak good English?  That is, is there no language barrier?  Are they helpful?  Courteous? Patient?  You want to know these things because if you encounter problems later on down the line, you would have to deal with them.

Last, evaluate their wagering rules and their bonuses and promos.  Though these things may not really give you a good gauge as to whether the site is legit or not, it is assumed at this point that you have a good idea regarding that already.  It is time to make sure that this site is going to give you your money’s worth!

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