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Sportsbetting For Delaware

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

In a move that could either be good news or bad news depending where you stand, the state of Delaware is planning to come up with a bill that would make sportsbetting legal.  Of course, there is more to it than that – the legal aspect would be extended only to a state-run sportsbook which would be overseen by the Delaware Lottery.

On the state’s part, Republican Representative Vincent Lofink holds evidence that this activity could give the state up to 70 million dollars in revenue.  This figure was included in the results of a study commissioned by the Video Lottery Advisory Council (VLAC) and conducted by Morowitz Gaming Advisors LLC in March. This is surely enough to make the opposition think twice.  However, the professional sports sector is definitely not going to take this sitting down.

According to Jay Moyer, legal counsel to the NFL, “…the NFL, NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball would make our presence forcefully known.”  He goes on to say that “We stand foursquare in our opposition.”

Why is the professional sports sector taking this stand?  Mainly because they feel that betting corrupts the sport.

Of course, each to his own.  People who are enthusiasts of sportsbetting believe otherwise.  For those residing in Delaware and the surrounding areas, this is good news.  Having a state-sponsored sportsbook will only give them more opportunities to engage in their activities.  We do have to wait and see how things turn out.  You know very well how it is in politics, some things take time.

Strategies for betting on NFL football

Monday, May 14th, 2007

To be successful in betting on any sporting event, you would need to employ a certain strategy. Football is perhaps the most popular sport in the US, inciting extreme passion in its followers. When it comes to betting on football, however, there is one thing that you would have to remember – bet with your head and not your heart. Always keep this in mind and you would have a very good chance of making good bets. Here are other tips to help you be successful in betting on football games.

Know your teams very well. Again, this makes use of your brains, not your heart. Study all the teams, find out about their strengths and weaknesses, and follow their progress throughout the season. You should also watch out for the changes in the players from season to season. Trades, retirements, and the like should all be taken into consideration.

Zero in on the motivated teams. Motivation can be everything when it comes to sports. You have heard of how the hunger for a win can make the difference in a crucial game. This factor can be your determining thing when it comes to betting as well. For example, a team who has already gotten a place in the playoffs may not see a certain game to be as important. Their minds may already be in the future. As such, betting on them for that specific game may not be a good idea.

Never chase your losses. Keep a cool head and don’t panic. If you hit a losing streak, do not make the mistake of putting in more money in the hopes that you will get your money back. Take a step back and analyze your situation in an objective manner. Then consider your betting strategy and see if you need to change something. Bet small again and then wait till you get good results.

Employ value betting. This means that you get better than the “true” odds for a game. Do your homework and get the odds yourself in an objective manner. In this manner, you find low risk high reward action.

Monitor player injuries closely. This is one important factor in determining the odds for sporting events. If you monitor them yourself, you will be in the know. However, do not overreact to each and every injury. Take note of the second string players who may do just as good a job as the injured player.