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New Regulations for UK Professional Players

Friday, August 31st, 2007

It could be a result of what has been going on in the United States or not but the fact remains that professional players in the UK will be under new regulations starting this month.  The Professional Players Federation has recently issued a code on gambling.  Affected by this new code is the activity of sports betting.

As with other countries (well, the US to be more specific), sports betting has experienced a surge in the recent years.  However, concerns have been raised, time and again, regarding the integrity of sports which can be wagered on.  Of course, one of the main (and legitimate I would say) concerns of many is the fact that professional athletes may be able to manipulate the outcomes of games they are involved in.  As the case in the NBA showed us, it does not even have to be athletes.  Referees and other sports officials may be put in a compromising position due to the insider knowledge that they have about the sport.

So under the Gambling Act, anyone – player, referee, trainers, managers, and even journalists! – can go to jail if found guilty of cheating or helping someone cheat in order to get favorable results in sports betting.  The concern now is that there might be some interpretations of the Act that may not be clear to players and other concerned people.  As a PPF spokesman said “A footballer could tell his mates that so-and-so is going to play well or score, and without realising it potentially be in breach of the law. We would like to see proper education on the implications of the act.”

We’ll see how this one turns out soon enough.

Sports Betting in Uganda

Monday, August 6th, 2007

This piece of news that I ran across online yesterday proves my theory that wherever in the world you go, you will run across people who like to gamble.  Whether it be on sports or cards or what not, there will always be someone willing to take risks.  For those who think that gambling activities are frivolous and unnecessary, it might be that the last thing they would associate Africa with is gambling.  I would tend to agree with them.  However, if you think about it, what is the logic behind this way of thinking?  As I said in the beginning, there really is no geographical limit to taking risks.

The people of Uganda are no different from millions and millions of people around the world – they have a passion for sports, specifically, soccer.  Recently, though, Sports Betting Africa announced that they are expanding their operations into East Africa, of which Uganda is part.  They are introducing their “Soccer 1×2” game which, they believe, will add some zest into the soccer fans’ experience.

How to play?  “One has to obtain an applicable fixture list for the 1X2 game and consider how each of the 12 pre-determined fixtures will end. The player must play a minimum of two board games of sh300 each. One marks (1) for a home team win, an (X) for a draw and a (2) for an away win.

The player who predicts right at least nine of the 12 games is an instant winner with sh2.78m as the highest jackpot.”

Betting on international sports

Thursday, April 12th, 2007

With the widespread use of technology for leisure purposes, sports betting has become more available anywhere. In fact, statistics show that betting on international sports has been on a consistent rise recently. What do you need to know about betting on international sports and how is it different from betting on, say, the NCAA or NFL?

For one thing, you would have to be a close follower of the sport that you want to bet on. The principle is basically the same as with basketball or football in the States. You need to know the teams, the players, and the tournament as a whole. This is not much of a problem with cable TV and the Internet today. It is up to you as the bettor to keep a close watch on the specific sport that you want to bet on.

How do you bet on international sports? Go online and look for sportsbooks that offer betting on these events. Again, the principle is much the same as with local sports. Different online sportsbooks have different rules. You need to read about them thoroughly and see if their regulations apply to you. Some may have stipulations regarding your location or origin – laws and regulations do apply. You also need to take a look into how safe the site is for you to trust your money with. You can also place bets through your mobile phone and other gambling establishments. As international sports betting is becoming more and more popular, you have wider choices as to how to participate in this activity.

Now what sports are open for betting on in the international scene? Horse racing is perhaps one of the most popular sports. Another sport you can bet on internationally would be baseball. Other sports are boxing, cricket, motor racing, rugby, and soccer.

Perhaps the most important concern would be to know the rules and governing legislation. Before engaging in any sort of gambling activity, do your homework and know about the applicable rules. There may be minimum and maximum limits as to how much you can bet. There may be rules regarding the mode of payment. Then there is the issue of taxes. You should also know about the different types of bets that bookmakers offer. These may vary from sport to sport and country to country as well. Knowing these particulars beforehand will save you headaches in the future.